Unison Facilities Agreement

The length and frequency of leave must be reasonable in all circumstances. This agreement is not prescriptive and aims to strengthen the partnership through mutual agreement and flexibility within the framework of an appropriate downtime. This agreement was approved by the JNCC on February 9, 2011 for use. A balance must be struck between the wishes of union representation (see below) and the need to maintain the service provided by the University of York – ensuring security at all times. The University of York recognizes that time off may need to be flexible to ensure that recognized unions are able to ensure effective representation and communication with all workers. These include full-time workers. B, part-time and shift workers (no comprehensive list). In such cases, every reasonable effort is made to grant a break. The Director of Human Resources will endeavour to ensure that the timing of each hearing or meeting is acceptable to the Dean of the Faculty/Director.

However, the operational requirements of the faculty/direction are given priority in the exceptional case where any conflict is unconsleced. It is recognized and agreed that this may require that meetings be postponed and that, therefore, deadlines should be removed in the context of agreed procedures. For more information on union representatives, please contact the Human Resources Directorate. The University of York recognises the following unions with regard to collective bargaining and the legal right to leave for union duties and activities: recognized unions agree to do so in order to ensure the proper functioning of leave schemes: