Collaboration Agreement Signing

Bilateral agreement for cooperation at the faculty, department or expertise level (1) In collaboration with some partner universities, it is also possible to develop, in addition to the regular agreement, a so-called double-fence agreement. These agreements are usually concluded at the thematic level. The agreements define how, under certain circumstances, students can obtain a bachelor`s or master`s degree (1 year or 2 years) from the receiving university and Linnaeus University. A MoU specific to a faculty, department or discipline is managed by the faculty with the support of administrators of the Office of External Relations (ER). If it is bilateral cooperation outside Of Erasmus, it can contribute to the assistance of knowledge and experience of a region, in turn specific universities. It must check for new bilateral softs. Mobility within Erasmus for study and teaching missions requires inter-institutional agreement. The agreements are concluded at the thematic level. Enter the collaboration agreement.

A cooperation or cooperation of works, an agreement is a contract that presents the peculiarities of your cooperation, copyright and ownership over ideas, as well as what happens when cooperation ends. You can design the agreement to help one party face the other, which is often the case when one party asks for the help of another party to work together on something. As was his original idea, the sponsor – the party that initiated the collaboration – wants to take most of the profits and own the copyright. Here are some important elements of the cooperation agreement: by signing a cooperation agreement with your creative partner, you can establish a business relationship that works with the benefits of both parties, while avoiding some problems that parties who have bad feelings can leave in the event of a breakdown of cooperation. The cooperation agreement will be signed by both parties before the start of the next academic year. In order for students at Linnaeus University to obtain study places, the signed agreement, along with all attached documents, must be received by ER by October 1, the year before the next year of study. In order to accommodate study students, the contract must be signed by September 1 for the spring semester and before March 1 for the fall semester. A cooperation agreement helps to avoid uncertainty with your employee by clarifying the nature and extent of your relationship. In the absence of a signed cooperation agreement, questions may be asked about the ownership and control of the works created in common, as well as the possibility of having all the rights to the work.