2-Year Agreement

There are a number of benefits of a Shaw 2 year valuePlan. Some of these benefits are: You can check your 2 year old ValuePlan online. Select one of the following options to get started. In many ways, the monthly approach is the best of all worlds. You can always receive unlimited texts and minutes. You can still enjoy multiple data GBs. You are not locked into long-term agreements and you can change network operators as you see fit. The only downside? You have to pay the total price of the phone on the first day – which can be $600 – for the newest and larger models. But if you can cope with the initial setback, you can save more than $400 over two years. Shaw`s 2-year ValuePlans offer extensive advertising savings and a two-year price guarantee.

For more information on our 2-year valuePlans, see the following sections. Can I keep the equipment at the end of the 2-year value plan? At the end of the 24 months, customers will be able to renew the value plan at the current market price and enjoy the same benefits of a value plan for an additional 2 years. Customers can also choose not to re-sign for two years and pay regular monthly rates. If your 2-year value plan is not renewed at the end of your two-year period, you will no longer receive the $7 discount over 2 years. The basic fee is discounted in continuous 2-year units. If you keep the minimum fibre 25 or higher service in a 2-year value plan on the Internet or On Fibre 25 and Total TV on a 2-year valueplan with TV, you can change your services at any time without breaking your agreement. However, if you downgrade Internet services to a lower level of service, BlueCurve TV rental costs may be incurred if you choose to keep them. Monthly and monthly plans remain a good option for customers who are not yet ready to commit to a two-year term. Does the 2-year value plan include a service price guarantee? When your 2-year period expires, your service will continue from month to month, or you can re-sign a new 2-year value plan. When your two-year period expires, you will no longer be eligible for ValuePlan`s 2-year monthly discount unless you sign a new contract.

ValuePlans 2-year-old is for customers who want to make the most of their Shaw services and hardware. A 2-year valueplan is ideal for new and existing Shaw customers. No, 2-year ValuePlans are available for most video products and are highly recommended for all video customers. Customers with equipment who are already at home and who wish to sign a 2-year value plan benefit from price guarantees, no installation and no loss of registrations. No, 2-year valueplanes are available to customers who want to get added value for their services. ValuePlans 2 years are available for our latest video packaging. To get the Nexus Galaxy at a fully subsidized price of $50, this requires a two-year agreement on a SMART plan (minimum $40). For more information on SMART plans: www.fido.ca/web/content/monthly/smartplans. There are other Android phones with a 2-year contract with lower monthly prices, but Fido`s cheapest STANDARD plan is $20. As 10yearfido said, since the $15 plan is no longer offered, I`ll call Fido at 611 and see what arrangements you can get.

Are 2-year ValuePlans only available with BlueCurve TV? The new 2-year valueplanes with the Internet include a price guarantee, but not the old 2-year valueplanes. As long as you keep La Fibre 25 and/or Total TV on your 2-year ValuePlan, all other basic services will also be guaranteed as part of your 2-year VauePlans. For more information, please see our terms of use.